BANSDOC publishes some periodicals on scientific and technological activities in different R&D organizations and universities in the country. Unfortunately different stakeholders involved in disseminating these pieces of valuable information are not adequately aware of its importance causing much delay in collecting them.

Moreover, due to the absence of information scientists and professionals in BANSDOC processing causes further delay. Consequently, such delayed information does not have any economic value. The publications are generally sent to organizations at free of cost. Yet if somebody wants to buy these materials generously one is to pay a very nominal price. Besides, BANSDOC collects a large volume of information materials every year on behalf of the clients and pays a huge amount in UNESCO Coupons. But BANSDOC charges only the transaction cost. However, the rates for different products and services of BANSDOC are quoted below:

Publications Rates
Bangladesh Science and Technology Abstracts Tk. 300.00
Current Scientific and Technological Research Projects
of Bangladesh
Tk. 100.00

Directory of Bangladesh R&D Organizations and Their Current Scientific and Technological Research Projects

Tk. 150.00
Directory of Scientists and Technologists of Bangladesh Tk. 300.00
Directory of Scientists & Technologists of Bangladesh Living Abroad Tk. 100.00
National Catalogue of Scientific and Technological Periodicals of Bangladesh Tk. 150.00
Science and Technology Related Activities in Bangladesh Tk. 75.00
Survey Report on Research and Development (R&D) Activities in Tk. 100.00

BANSDOC Services:

Bibliography each page Tk. 5.00
Photocopy foreign materials (each page) Tk. 10.00

Photocopy of local materials (offset A4 each page)

Tk. 1.00
Photocopy of local materials (offset both side) Tk. 1.50
Slide making general film positive each (B/W) Tk. 5.00
Spiral Binding Tk. 20.00 - 40.00
Tk. 10.00 - 25.00







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