1. To procure, process, preserve, edit and disseminate information in all  fields of scientific research and experimental development in the area of natural science, agriculture, medical science, engineering, industry and technology;
  1. To provide information as per needs of researchers working in research organizations, academic institutions, nationalized industries or any other sectors and
  1. To manage acknowledging information for researcher, policy maker, planner and manager. 

Functions of BANSDOC

         To provide bibliographic service

         To collect and disseminate the related duplicate copy of publication

          To establish scientific contact with scientists and researchers

          To impart translation service

          To execute photo-reprographic service.

         To provide computer and internet service

         To deal cooperation with SAARC Documentation services

          To provide Photostat service

          To provide publication service

        To arrange exhibition, conference, seminar, workshop & training and to award the scholar students for assisting human resource development and to take action for reducing the poverty

          To supply web based research information

         To cooperate research and activities among the scientists and professionals and excellence of patronization

          To provide digital library service

          To exchange information at national and international level

        To arrange internship for library and information management

        To arrange and attend of book exhibition or book fair at national level

        To drive scientific and technological research and development to provide consultancy service in the same field of interest.

         To accomplish a deed of contract with any other foreign organization, prior permission of the Govt. to achieve the aims of BANSDOC.

         To execute other activities assigned by the Govt.

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