• To transform the present traditional science library of BANSDOC into a digital library with ultimate goal of establishing it as a Virtual Library.

  • Taking initiatives in BANSDOC for providing training support to other libraries of the country.

  • Organizing seminar/workshop from time to time for modernization, extension and more publicity of BANSDOC activities.

  • Arranging up-to-date training, specially foreign training for the personnel of BANSDOC.

  • To launch inter-library cooperation and resource sharing at national level.

  • To introduce library Bar-coding system to ensure the proper use of library reading materials.

  • To arrange BANSDOC visit and focus its overall activities, render information services of BANSDOC to the students of schools, colleges and universities who are concerned in the field of Science and Information & Communication Technology.

  • To enable the centre to furnish relevant scientific, technological and industrial data to policy-makers and decision-makers for promptly formulation/revision of science and technology policy best suitable for the country in the next 20 years and

  • To establish a children Library in BANSDOC.







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