Resources & Services


Users on request may avail themselves of the reprographic services like: bulk photocopying, laminating, spiral binding and digital photography etc. with subsidized charges. This Division provides facility for preparation of scientific photography and slides which are used for presentation in the conferences/workshops/ seminars/symposia’s etc.


  • Computer interfaced Duplo Machine produces 120 copies per minute direct from computer compose;
  • Microfilm and Microfiche Camera;
  • General Photocopy Machine;
  • Spiral Binding Machines;
  • Digital Still camera;
  • Digital Video Camera VHS;
  • Laminating Machine;
  • 35mm Slide Projector;
  • 16mm Movie Projector;
  • Overhead Projector and Screen and;
  • Black/White & Colour Enlarger.

Products and Services:

  • Plain Paper Copy;
  • Scientific Photography;
  • Slide Making;
  • Overhead Slide;
  • Spiral Binding;
  • Laminating and
  • B&W Photograph Printing







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