Bangladesh National Scientific and Technical Documentation Centre (BANSDOC)


S/N. eBook Titile View
47. TB Respiratory Protection Programme in Health Care Facilities View
48. Fundamentals of Compressible Fluid Mechanics View
49. A Field Guide to Genetic Programming View
50. Drug Class Review on Alzheimers Drugs View
51. The significance of the kidney in diabetes View
52. The Fly ing Publisher Guide to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments in Psychiatry 2012 View
53. Asterisk : The Future of Telephony View
54. BANSDOC Annual Report 2009-2010 View
55. BANSDOC Annual Report 2010-2011 View
56. BANSDOC Annual Report 2011-2012 View
57. MoST : Three Years Achievement View
58. Peadiatric-surgery-speciality Part-1 View
59. Peadiatric-surgery-speciality Part-2 View
60. Surgical-Infection&Infestations Part-1 View
61. Surgical-Infection&Infestations Part-2 View
62. Paediatric-trama Part-1 View
63. Craniocerebral-and-spinal-trauma Part-2 View
64. Head & Neck View
65. Thorax Part-1 View
66. Thorax Part-2 View
67. Abdominal-Wall View
68. Stomac-Duodenum-&-small-intestine Part-1 View
69. Stomac-Duodenum-&-small-intestine Part-2 View
70. Introduction to Bioinorganic Chemistry View
71. The ABC of DFT View
72. Hlabisa Hospital Hansbook Part-1 View
73. Hlabisa Hospital Hansbook Part-2 View
74. Nomenclature of Inorganic chemistry Part-1 View
75. Nomenclature of Inorganic chemistry Part-2 View
76. Guideline for the use of Antiretroviral Agents in HIV-1-Infected Audlts and Adolescents View
77. Pathology of Aids View
78. Glossary of HIVAIDS-Related Terms View
79. Medical Images View
80. Guidelines for the Treatment of Malaria View
81. Sulfonation and Sulfation Processes View
82. Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Part-1 View
83. Basic Knowledge of Astronomy View
84. Human Physiolofy part-1 View
85. Cell Signalling Pathways View
86. Human Physiology Part-2 View
87. File System Interface View
88. Hepatitis C Treatment 2011 View
89. History of Astronomy View
90. Guide-to- Advance HTML_Part-II View
91. Methyl Ester Sulfonate Products View
92. Professional Perspetives on Addiction Medicine View
93. Neuroscience View
94. Orange Book Cumulative Supplement View
95. Physlets and Open Source Physics for Quantum Mechnics View
96. Protein digestion in Penaeid Shrimp View
97. Public Health Emergency Exercise Toolkit View
98. Influenza Report Part-1 View
99. Operation opernball View
100. Poultry Review View
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